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About Stonebridge Learning

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver effective, efficient, and affordable continuing education to the heritage industry, from interested amateurs to working professionals.

Stonebridge Learning empowers our students to recognize the significance of historic resources, to preserve them for future generations, and to integrate them into everyday life through redevelopment, lifelong learning, and community conversations.

Our Story

Stonebridge Learning grew from an idea to provide much-needed professional development—using modern technology and education practices—to people working in the fields of local history, preservation, and community planning. We believe communities benefit by learning about their individual and collective past.

We know your time is short, your budget is tight, and you want to continue to learn about heritage preservation. We are here to help you reach your goals with online courses, digital publications, and mobile applications.

Our Vitruvius Learning Management System

Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man is based on the writings of architect Marcus Vitruvius Pollio. In his multi-volume treatise De architectura, Vitruvius maintained that not only is the human figure perfectly proportioned but that buildings must also balance the individual architectural components to each other and to the whole, all with respect to the human body.

Education must similarly provide a balanced approach between course content, proven professional development practices, and appropriate learning technologies. By harmonizing these individual educational components with respect to the student, the student is provided an opportunity to achieve a deeper understanding of the material being studied and how it relates to them.

Our Vitruvius Learning Management System (or “Vitruvius LMS”) delivers a balanced continuing education experience through student interaction with the text, illustrations, outside content, digital publications, and mobile applications.

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Our Team

Stonebridge Learning, LLC is a woman-owned, small business enterprise, founded in 2016.

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Barbara Ann Mitchell Howard, M.S.

Managing Partner & Director of Heritage Preservation

With over twenty years of experience in architecture, history, and research, Barbara serves as a content developer for Stonebridge Learning courses and products directed at the heritage industry. Having worked within the heritage industry’s for-profit, nonprofit, and governmental sectors, Barbara is uniquely qualified to share her expertise with the general public and to provide professional development to those who work within the field. She meets the Secretary of the Interior’s professional qualification standards for architectural history, historic architecture, and history.

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Marvin ElRoy Howard, Ph.D.

Director of Instructional Technology

Marvin designed Stonebridge Learning’s learning management system, Vitruvius. With over twenty years of experience in the field of educational technology, Marvin is uniquely qualified to ensure Stonebridge Learning’s courses and products meet educational standards through their content and assessment.

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