Stonebridge Learning Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stonebridge Learning?

Integrating expertise in heritage preservation and instructional technology, Stonebridge Learning provides efficient, effective, and affordable digital education to the heritage industry, from interested amateurs to working professionals. Products include continuing education courses delivered online via the Vitruvius Learning Management System, related digital publications, and mobile applications. To learn more about the people behind the curtain, visit our About page.

Where can I find your digital publications and mobile applications?

We work with Apple to distribute digital publications and mobile applications for IOS devices. As they are developed our publications will be available in the iBooks Store and our mobile applications will be available in the iTunes Store. From time to time, we may have coursepacks related to our online courses and other professional publications. Our publications and applications are not available for Android.

Who should take Stonebridge Learning courses?

Stonebridge Learning courses are targeted to the heritage industry, including but not limited to: staff and members of state, local, and national history and preservation organizations (both nonprofit and public); history, architecture, and preservation professionals; and the general public.

What is the Vitruvius Learning Management System?

Technically speaking, Stonebridge Learning’s Vitruvius Learning Management System [Vitruvius LMS] is a custom-designed, asynchronous learning environment. Basically speaking, Vitruvius LMS allows students to register and take courses on demand, on the student’s schedule, and at the student’s pace. Vitruvius LMS lives on Stonebridge Learning’s hosted servers and delivers instruction through the student’s web browser.

How are Stonebridge Learning courses different than other online courses?

Most online education available to the heritage industry is available through scheduled streaming of live or prerecorded webinars or the visual presentation of slides typically found in face-to-face presentations (with or without accompanying narrative). While useful in some instances, this sort of instruction typically oversimplifies instruction and does not provide a means to assess learning. Other “distance learning” options, such as synchronous learning environments (meaning students and instructors have set times for online interaction via video or chat rooms in addition to reading assignments, homework assignments and/or assessment), are often cost prohibitive for the heritage industry. Further, their scheduled components must fit into already busy schedules, the courses can be cancelled depending on enrollment, and once the course is done, you no longer have access to the information. Stonebridge Learning courses are available on demand on your schedule. The instruction has been developed by content experts in heritage preservation and instructional technology, ensuring learning objectives are met.

What sort of computer equipment is needed to take a course through Vitruvius?

To take a course using the Vitruvius LMS you only need an internet connection and a web browser. As you are reading this, it's safe to assume that you have both of those things. Which browser you use isn't important (as long as it's newer than 2012 or so), and neither is your computer platform of choice. Macs and PCs are both okay, as are most tablets. Smartphones aren't currently supported.

For a simple test to see if your browser will work with Vitruvius click the button labeled "click me!". If when you click it an alert box appears you should be good to go.

If nothing happened when you clicked the button send us an email at and we'll see what we can do to help.

What is it like to take a course?

Courses are delivered from our servers to your web browser on demand. You’ll navigate through the course by clicking a “next” button or by using the course’s table of contents. Courses include instructional text, pertinent illustrations, and links to relevant outside content such as videos, websites, and news articles, when appropriate. We provide you with opportunities to exercise your growing knowledge throughout the course. We may also assess your knowledge at the end of the course (and sometimes within the courses), and provide guidance on how to improve your knowledge. Once you successfully complete the course and final assessment, you will receive a Course Completion Certificate as confirmation of your participation. To see what it’s like to take a course, please visit our Stonebridge Learning Course Demonstration webpage.

How do I register for a course?

To register for a course, you will need to create a User Account. Once your account is created, log in, review the course catalog, and select “Register” for the course of your choice. If you received a code from a Stonebridge Learning Client, enter it in the appropriate box to make sure your registration is credited to their student list. Click on “Register for Course.” If you are required to pay for the course, you will be taken to our third-party payment provider in order to make a payment. If a Stonebridge Learning Client is paying for your registration, you will be taken to the course. You will receive an email with course instructions and information. You will also receive an emailed receipt from our third-party payment provider.

What sort of payment do you accept for Stonebridge Learning courses?

We use PayPal as a third-party payment provider for individual course purchases. Stonebridge Learning Students do not need to have a PayPal account in order to register for individual courses, but you must meet their payment requirements regarding payment by credit or debit card, or by using your bank account. Payment terms for Stonebridge Learning Clients are outlined in our contract with you.

What is the refund policy on Stonebridge Learning courses?

As indicated in our Terms of Use, Stonebridge Learning does not offer refunds simply because you chose not to use the course material after registration or if you are dissatisfied with the content offered. If your desire for a refund is unrelated to either of these things, please contact us at

Are the courses worth credits at colleges, universities, or professional associations?

We do not provide college credit. However, we are investigating options with several professional associations to certify Stonebridge Learning courses as continuing education. Keep in mind that many professional associations allow for self-reporting of continuing education, too. Each course description includes a suggested timeframe for completion. You can compare this to how your professional association calculates contact hours or learning units.

What if I still have questions about a topic after taking a course?

If you would like to take more advanced instruction on a topic, be sure to review the course catalog to see what is available. All Stonebridge Learning courses include references and links to additional resources to help you learn more, including links to instruction provided by other organizations.

To suggest a course to add to our catalog, submit a course development suggestion form.

If you have a simple question not covered by these suggestions, please send an email to to see if we can help give you direction to additional resources.

How much time does it take to finish a course?

Each course has a suggested timeframe for completion included in the course description. The approximate number of hours is based on the number of pages within the course, the approximate time needed to read each page, and the anticipated time needed to complete exercises and assessments. The time you spend on a course may be more or less than the suggested timeframe depending on your learning style and whether you review additional resources linked from the courses, such as videos and outside readings. If you notice a big discrepancy between the suggested timeframe and the actual time you invest, let us know at

Will I have access to course content after I complete the course?

Yes. You have access to course content for one (1) year from the date you register for the course. You will need to register for the course again to access the materials after that time has expired. This will require a new course registration fee.

How do I obtain my Course Completion Certificate?

You access your Course Completion Certificates from your Student User Account. Simply log in. A link to your Course Completion Certificate is located next to the course record in your transcript. Course Completion Certificates are only available for download for one (1) year after completing a course, unless otherwise specified in the course description or in a Stonebridge Learning Client contract. However, your transcript will always show the course registration, completion, and expiration dates for each time you take a course.

I would like to send a number of my colleagues through a course; do you provide a discount for multiple registrations from a single organization?

We appreciate your interest in sharing Stonebridge Learning with your team. Please review the information on our Services page to learn how to take advantage of group discounts.

I don’t see the course topic I need; can I make suggestions for new course development?

Certainly! We have an online web form specifically for that purpose. Fill it out to let us know what sort of training you need.

If we have the expertise to develop a course and think other customers would benefit from it as well, we might add it to our course catalog. You can also review the information on our Services page to learn about hiring Stonebridge Learning for custom course development.

I have course content that I would like to make available to my employees, volunteers, or others; can you host it in Vitruvius LMS?

If your course content is set up similarly to how courses are delivered in Vitruvius LMS, we certainly can. Please review the information on our Services page to learn about having Vitruvius LMS host your professional development content.